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I received the following communication from a source within SJU asking some interesting questions. I'm not sure if this advances the cause towards a successful resolution of our current situation, but it is interesting.

A couple of comments - first, I have not checked out the accuracy of the numbers, however, I assume that the referenced sources back up the statements. Second, to me the questions at the end of the 'game' about UCC funds and their current use are legitimate questions since it is us as the community who supply those. Oblates take a vow of poverty so where does the money go?

So, read on. You may find it useful or useless, inflammatory or legitimate... be your own judge.

Here's a fun game. Go to this web site:
It is a list of UW employees earning more than $100,000.
Now scroll down to "Perrin, David" and you'll see his salary last year was $223,300 (with 893.47 in taxable benefits) (These are tax-free dollars because he is a priest.) So where does that put him in terms of ranking? #6? Only the very top UW administrators make that kind of money.
Why does little SJU with its 30 professors and 24 staff and 1000 full and part time students need to pay its president so much?
SJU pays its president more that UW's Dean of Arts. About $50,000 more. (In fact SJU pays its Dean more than UW pays the Dean of its largest faculty!)
Ken Coates, Dean of Arts, is responsible for over 200 professors who serve 7000 students.
The UW Psychology Department alone is bigger than SJU in terms of faculty. See
And Psych is one of 15 departments in the UW Faculty of Arts.
Yes, but the responsibilities of a president of a Catholic university, the Board exec will say, are so much greater than a department chair or faculty dean. So let's compare apples to apples.
Visit: You will find that Dr. Gerald Killan, Principal of King's University College (a Catholic univeristy attached to the University of Western Ontario) earned $197,899.46 ($5,660.30 in benefits) in 2007. That is some 10% less than David Perrin. But King's is over three times the size of SJU (over 3000 students vs 1000 at SJU) and, by 2007, Killan had nine years of success in the office of Principal (President). David Perrin had no experience at the presidential level and came to SJU with a contract for $220,000!
Or you could look at Lakehead University and see that President Frederick Gilbert earned $245,427.97 ($3,839.20 in benefits) in 2007 -- admittedly more than Fr. Perrin, but only about 10% more. But Lakehead has more than seven times the number of students that SJU has (7,644 vs 1000). It has 290 faculty members to SJU's 30! It's budget is about 9 times larger.
So why did this Board feel it necessary to pay Fr. Perrin $220,000+ ? (These are tax-free dollars because he is a priest.)
Now that he is Director of Chaplaincy Services as well as President, UCC-COC might ask if he is receiving an extra stipend for that work? Is that stipend coming from UCC funds? And if he is not receiving extra money for this new position, are UCC funds now being directed towards his regular salary? It seems to me that the people donating to UCC have a right to know.
The President's contract was negotiated between the Board exec and the President. Not even the rest of the Board knows the details of that document.

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